martedì 19 dicembre 2017

Celebrating Christmas Time With Our Bulgarian Sisters And Brothers, Scuola Dell'Infanzia Bratya Grim ° Fratelli Grimm, Shumen, Bulgaria.Grazie A Tutti Voi!

La Danza Tradizionale Bulgara

Танц "Ръченица" за италианските ни партньори от Чита ди Кастело

Il Saluto Dei Bambini E Delle Maestre

Приветствие към партньорите от Чита ди Кастело

Поздрав с италиански песнички за партньорите ни от Чита ди Кастело

venerdì 8 dicembre 2017

*** Celebrating The Albania Day, 28 November,  Together!!! Honouring eTwinning Excellent Partners Of Zhani Ciko School Of Fier, Albania: Courtesy Of eTwinner And Educator Erviola Konomi Abd Students. Appreciation And Gratitude To Students And Families From Albania Attending San Filippo IPS And I° Circolo Didattico Statale, Città Di Castello, Umbria, Italy ° Uniteti Dhe Paqja ***

*** Honouring Sanjivani International School, Navi, Mumbai, West Bengal, India Courtesy Of Educator Bornali Chakraborty°  Studying And Learning Together: Building The New Civilization Of LOVE ° With Gratitude And Joy For Our So Precious ePals Indian Partners, For Sharing With Us Their Values, Their Good Will, Their Enthousiasm For Global Education To Unity And Peace ***