lunedì 31 ottobre 2022

!Diwali HoliDay In India!

Message Of Friendship From SBIS, Punjab, India:

Dear Sir,

We would like to share a video of our Diwali
so that you may celebrate th with us.

We Are So Grateful To Our Sisters And Brothers Of Saint BachanPuri International School, Pakho Kalan, Barnala District, Punjab, Northern India For Sharing The Joy And The Blessings Of The DIWALY Festival With Us.

Un Sincero Ringraziamento Alle Classi, Docenti, Coordinatori Di Progetto E Dirigente Dell'Istituto.

""Saint Bachanpuri International School is an English medium School, established by Ajit Rural & Social Welfare Society, Pakho Kalan Barnala District, Punjab consists of highly devoted and dedicated individuals from the different walk of the life, whose primary goal has been to provide a quality education among the masses competing with the quality oriented skill development to 'Make Global Citizens'.

Ajit Rural & Social Welfare Society is a union of people with vibrant interests, with a common ultimate intend of fulfilling a noble task of spreading the light of knowledge and enlightening the path of future of the up coming generation.

The goal of the school is to give 'The total development in your ward'. The School ensures to provide an all round development of spiritual, moral, physical, social and cultural aspect of to make its students intelligent and useful global citizens.""